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"The truth is more important than the facts."

12 January 1976
Basically folks, I'm a gay geek. I live in Washington, hang out with friends and play video and pen & paper rpgs.
adult swim, alien series, ancient mysticism, ancient worlds, angel, anime, astrology, b-movies, batman returns, block busters, books, bottoms, boys, buffy, buffy the vampire slayer, camping, cats, changeling, cirque du soleil, coffee, computer games, computers, creativity, cuddling, cute guys, d&d, dancing, danny elfman, dark beauty, demons, dido, dorks, dragons, dreaming, dreams, drow, dune, dungeons and dragons, eberron, eliza dushku, etc., evil willow, exalted, family, family guy, fantasy, fantasy fiction, farscape, final fantasy, fingers through hair, free food, friends, furi kuri, futurama, game cube, garbage, gay men, gay porn, gay sex, geek love, geeks, ghosts, good books, good video games, gore, grace, happiness, happy endings, heros, hobbits, homos, homosexuality, icons, imminent divinity, james bond, joss whedon, kissing, laughing, lord of the rings, love, mages, magic, magical creatures, monsters, movies, music, mutants, mystical creatures, mysticism, mythology, neil gaiman, nerds, night, noble hearts, ocean, paganism, peter gabriel, peter pan, photoshop, playstation, playstation games, pretty boys kissing, ps2, queers, reading, reading livejournals, role playing, roleplaying games, rpgs, sci-fi, science fiction, sex, sexuality, sherri s. tepper, silver, snuggling, soundtracks, special effects, star trek, stars, stephen king, superheroes, talking, tattoos, the moon, the roxy, tim burton, tom lenk, tops, tori amos, twin peaks, video games, warm sun, whispering in ears, wicca, wild imaginations, will & grace, willow, winter, witchcraft, writing, x-files, xena, yaoi