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20 July 2008 @ 12:07 am
When playing D&D is no longer fun?  
For a little background, I have been playing D&D since the onset of 3rd edition. I have been actively playing pretty much every Sunday since I started. The group members have changed over the years, but the idea hasn't.
Every Sunday (if possible), the group gets together and we take off for other worlds. I personally have played all but the Bard from the basic classes.

So, it's come up on it's 8th year and the group is wearing thin. More often than not, the game day is taken up with anything but D&D. The group either delves into the mystery of the player's cats, how toons are doing in WoW, or it just devolves into sometimes pretty petty arguments.

I personally still love the game and am looking for ways to improve it or revitalize it. I enjoy the aspect of having some pretty kick-ass characters that involve powerful builds without sacrificing roleplay.

Lately though, the games get low scores from me on how I feel the overall day went. There are characters that I won't build now, because they don't last long or I feel that they are too good for the game and would rather play them when I know they can be played out to their fullest extent.

Some of this stems from the fact that my first two DMs were extremely talented. The games they ran were well thought out, practical and in depth. This has of course led me to want a DM and game of this caliber all the time. I have high standards. Maybe too high?

These days, gaming feels like work, not play. At least half the time that I think about gaming, I think about dropping out entirely. My thought has always been "if you're not having fun, don't do it." I feel a sense of responsibility to my group, but more and more, I'm losing my interest and am becoming apathetic towards gaming in general.

That's it. There really isn't more to say on the matter at the moment.
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