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27 August 2007 @ 10:11 am
It's Monday, and I'm at work...  
So I'm sitting here, goofing off at work. Don't worry though, I'm really only here to make sure the cleaners don't steal anything. I don't really have to work if I don't want to. I probably should, but it's supposed to be my day off (since the Work is closed on Mondays) and I just don't feel the real need to be doing anything responsible. Don't worry all you people with Work Ethic, I didn't clock in.

Yesterday was the second installment of the Epic Level(30th) adventure I'm running my players through. All I can really say is that Epic Level play sucks. It's not that fun to DM and I don't think the players are having the time of their lives.

Here's some reasons why Epic Level campaigns aren't very fun (IMO).
1. Battles take freakin forever! Please remember that once you're epic, your players have hundreds of hit points, while the monsters have close to a thousand if not more.
2. Battles take no time at all! Please remember that lovely monster you threw in was killed in one strike by the guy who managed to stack the right feats and do 1020 hit points of damage in a single turn. BOO!
3. The fear of dying is tremendous. Not because you lose your character, but because it will now take you five hours to create a new one, where as before it may have only taken you an hour and a half.
4. Players who create their characters at 30th level, have no real idea what their characters can do. If you just start them off at 30th level, there are times that even the most experienced player shuts down a couple of times because he's not used to all his advantages or disadvantages.

Really, it wasn't that bad...
Okay, it might have been.

I think Epic Level play really should be earned. In my most humble opinion, if you actually play to epic levels, you know what you can do, you've been doing it for a while. Of course there are always the idiot savants who know what they're doing no matter what it is (damn you Sarek!). You've also had time to work things out with your group; the druid knows not to wild shape into a melee only dire tiger when the "big gun" war mage wants to unleash his potenet spells that cover areas.

Of course, these aren't problems reserved for just epic play, these problems can stem from any group unwilling to work together, or who just haven't had experience together for very long.

Anywhooo... my rant was about to go off the cliff there and into the woods.

So next time, I'll post the joys of epic play.
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